Pharmaceutical Market Research Consultancy

About us...



PJ Quinn Inc is a woman-owned business led by Laura Quinn. Laura has over 25 years in the pharmaceutical industry, with more than 20 of those years spent specializing in cancer. During that time, she has gained experience in a variety of positions including patient education, advertising team leader and global qualitative manager.

While working at each of these positions, Laura acquired significant knowledge in supervising research teams, conducting individual interviews and focus groups and leading the development of consultative research including War Gaming, Ideation, Advisory Board Facilitation and much more.  Read more about Laura on her Linkedin profile.

Peter Quinn brings a background of logistical, technical and graphics knowledge to the team. Handling behind-the-scenes portion of your project he works to ensure that your study is completed on-schedule and within budget.

Together Laura and Peter are dedicated to using their skills and know-how to meet your pharmaceutical research and facilitation needs.

Contact us today and let us show you how our  experience in oncology marketing research sets us apart.

Our approach...


At PJ Quinn Inc., we put all of our experience and skills to use and offer an array of services to fit your needs. We are with you 100%, from start to finish, giving your study our full attention. As a specialized provider we have the opportunity to  focus on one project at a time, step by step until you are satisfied. You won't be handed off to a junior team once your project begins.

Specializing in the healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors our research areas include both physician and patient research in such things as:

  • Brand Communications Testing
  • Market Landscape Exploration
  • Target Product Profile Testing
  • Ideation
  • War Games Facilitation
  • Advisory Board Facilitation

We are committed to making significant annual investments in learning about oncology, as well as staying up to date with the latest techniques in the research world. We attend both the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) and the American Society of Hematology (ASH) conferences every year so that we can stay up to date with our clients’ and their competitors' latest data. We have attended CancerCon for the last three years, which has allowed us to connect with survivors.

We also invest in domestic and international research meetings. Recently attended events include:

2016 Vienna Worldwide Conference on Qualitative Research

2016 QRCA Regional Conference

2014 QRCA National Conference

2014 Budapest Worldwide Conference on Qualitative Research

We attend PMRG and PBIRG events as frequently as work/travel schedule permits

From physicians and patients to your brand team or advertising agency, we can offer  one-stop shopping for all of your qualitative research needs.

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